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Welcome to


WhY We'RE HEre.

Every person and organization is going through their HOP journey at a different speed, in unique environment, and with varying levels of support. We've created a community space to share ideas, experiences, brainstorm, teach, learn, and connect with people going through this journey.

What This Is.

Our aim is to connect the HOP community.​ To do that, we've setup a Slack instance to allow for instant messages, sharing files and videos, as well as creating defined "channels" for key topics.  If you aren't familiar with Slack, don't stress.  It's a very intuitive interface and we will help walk you through how to access it. 


While we're not big on "rules," we do have one - keep the community as a safe place for those looking to learn and share. That means we will not have any solicitation, sponsorships, ads, or allow behavior that disrupts the psychological safety we are all looking to build.


How It WOrks.

Joining is simple.  Just submit a request here and we'll reach out to get you setup.

Thanks for submitting. We will reach out shortly.

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